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Team Building Workshops utilise the methodology of process consultation, in which teams learn to analyse their own behaviour. This is and interesting and positive experience, conceptually different from activity based team building. These workshops were developed in association with Professor John van Maanen at MIT's Sloan School of Management.  
Career Dynamics Workshops provide an intuitive insight into the factors which govern career choices and are based on the work of Professor Edgar Schien at MIT's Sloan School of Management. These workshops are of value to those contemplating a career change, or who wish to develop career goals; they are also of value in selection of new members of organisations.  
Technology Leadership Counselling assists sensior executives in managing the unique challenges presented by technology organisations. Our analytical approach combines an undertsanding of individual leadership styles balanced against the needs of the organisation. Counselling can be provided to individuals or to small groups.  
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Suzanne Sisto Brand
t: 0115 988 6154
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Teamwork Workshop
Masters in Bioscience Enterpise
Institute of Biotechnology, University of Cambridge
Friday, 6 October 2006

Suzanne Sisto Brand BS BA  
New product development and marketing in healthcare and consumer product US multinationals  
Graduate studies in industrial psychology, small group behavior, self anlaytic groups  
Chair, TWIGS of Children's Hospital, New York, a 200 member women's voluntary organisation  
Michael Brand PhD MBA  
Senior executive experience in managing technology in large and small chemical and healthcare US multinationals  
Developed dba's TeamBuilding methodology at Occidental Chemical Corporation  
Founding President of the British Amaerican Business COuncil of New England, now in its 20th successful year